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Aperio Details:

ThemeMeme Aperio Prototype requires WordPress 2.3.2. It is built on Sandbox for power and flex­i­bil­ity and has been tested in Safari, Firefox, and IE 7. It should also work in IE6, but some of the for­mat­ting and effects are sacrificed.

Special Thanks

I want to give spe­cial thanks to Thin & Light, who wrote a cus­tom func­tion for me to dis­play excerpts on the next and pre­vi­ous posts. I also want to thank every­one who com­mented on the first look with sug­ges­tions, espe­cially Eli Foner and Darryl Hutchison.


To install, open the ThemeMemeAperioPrototype folder and upload the con­tents of the plu­g­ins folder to your wordpress/wp-content/plugins direc­tory. Upload the themememe_aperio_p folder to your wordpress/wp-content/themes folder. Then open your WP Admin, acti­vate the plu­g­ins under the Plugins tab, and select the ThemeMeme Aperio Prototype theme under the Presentation tab.


ThemeMeme Aperio Prototype uses two plu­g­ins, which are included in the down­load. They are highly rec­om­mended, but not required. The plu­g­ins are:

  1. Gravatar (not required if you’re using WordPress 2.5 or above)
  2. No Excerpt-P

Note that the gra­vatar plu­gin uses a generic gra­vatar if the com­menter doesn’t have one. You can change this by edit­ing comments.php. Find this code:

<?php gravatar("R", 60); ?>

and change it to this:

<?php gravatar("R", 60, "[path to your default gravatar]"); ?>

For more infor­ma­tion, see WordPress Gravatar Plugin.

I’ve included a generic gra­vatar in the theme direc­tory, gravatar.jpg (pic­tured above). To use it, move this image to your images folder and add the path to comments.php.

If you’re using WordPress 2.5, a default avatar is included in WordPress. If you’d like to use the default avatar above, upload it to your images direc­tory and add the path to comments.php. Find this code:

echo get_avatar( get_comment_author_email(), '60' );

and change it to:

echo get_avatar( get_comment_author_email(), '60', '[path to the avatar]' );


Here are a few tips for cus­tomiz­ing the theme.

“About” Text

You can edit the “About” text in sidebar.php.

Excerpts and Categories

Things will look bet­ter if you have actual excerpts for your posts, and they’re fairly short. Also, it’s best to assign one cat­e­gory to each post and to use mul­ti­ple tags.


ThemeMeme Aperio Prototype is built on Sandbox, but I’ve edited the theme files so you can’t sim­ply use the style.css file in ThemeMeme Aperio Prototype to style a stan­dard Sandbox instal­la­tion. Be sure to read the sandbox.html file in the themememe_aperio_p folder for more infor­ma­tion on cus­tomiz­ing Sandbox.

Featured Posts

ThemeMeme Aperio Prototype fea­tures your lat­est posts on the home page. It will dis­play post images if avail­able. The images should be larger than 456 x 300 pix­els and the pre­view will show the top left detail. The lat­est post will be fea­tured in the top left on the home page. To add an image:

  1. Go to Custom Fields near the bot­tom of the Post page in your WP Admin.
  2. Under Key, type: post-image.
  3. Under Value, type the url for the image, e.g.,

Here’s an example:

Adding a Post Image

Links Page

If you want to use the links page, you should look at your code and clear every fourth cat­e­gory in the styles.css file. Under /* links */, change li#linkcat-7, etc. to li#linkcat-[number of category].


0.1 Released 07 Feb 08.
0.2 Released 18 Mar 08. Fixed a few typos in style.css and removed extra­ne­ous num­bers that were appear­ing in pre­vi­ous and next post excerpts on sin­gle posts. (Thanks to Will, netau­dio, and Darke!)
0.3 Released 19 Mar 08. Fixed search page to match the rest of the theme (thanks again, Darke!) and added avatar tag for WordPress 2.5.
0.4 Released 19 Mar 08. Fixed the glitch in the avatar tag. Removed the gra­vatar tag from the com­ment form (it was dis­play­ing the last, not the cur­rent, com­menter). Back-to-back updates like these are why I ask you to sub­scribe to ThemeMeme!
0.5 Released 31 Mar 08. Quick fix to comments.php to dis­play track­backs.
0.6 Released 02 Apr 08. Added miss­ing wp_footer tag to footer.php.

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