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Theme Features

Abundance Pro Theme Details:

Abundance is an elegant and flexible WordPress eCommerce Theme, suited for users with no coding knowledge as well as deverlopers. The Theme is built on top of the fabulous woocommerce shop plugin It comes with a plethora of options so you can modify layout, styling, colors and fonts directly from within the backend. 5 Slideshows, 16 predefined skins (which are easy to modify from your backend), font and color options as well as dynamic template builder will help you create the Website you need in no time. Check out the Video Tutorial Section if you want to see some short screencasts on how to setup your site.

SEO (Search engine optimization)
The theme is built with SEO best practices in mind. It uses semantical valid HTML code and CSS so search engines can index the content of your site with ease. Important content is always placed before unimportent in your source code (eg: Blog Post content before Sidebar), Headlines are wrapped in heading tags (h1, h2, h3 etc) to signalise their importance to search engines. The site also uses heavy internal site linking, which is also of vital for search engines (related posts, breadcrumb navigation, primary and secondary navigation menus, footer navigation) With this WordPress Template you are well equipped to get a high google ranking and attract visitors to sell them your fabulous products

Key Features Overview
* 5 different Slideshows (Accordion, Piecemaker2 3D Slider, Aviaslider, Fade Slider, Caption Slider,)
* Any Number of Slideshows possible
* Built on top of the woocommerce shop plugin
* 16 predefined skins, easy to edit and modify. Any number of skins possible
* Supports Videos form any major video hosting service as well as self hosted HTML5 Videos with flash fallback
* Zoom feature for product images, as well as lightbox
* Mega Menu
* Template Builder for unique page layouts (Landing Pages, Frontpages, Videopages etc)
* Visual Shortcode editor with preview function
* Custom Widgets like: Combo Widget, Recent News, Advertising, Twitter, Tweitter + RSS follower count
* Color picker options for any number of gorgeous color settings.
* Translation ready with po files
* Unqiue Sidebars for each page/category possible
* Extensive User Manual, short videos and professional theme support by me and my team to fix any kind of problems
* Growing community in our support forum: 4500 registered users, 5300 Topics, 25000 Posts. We do care that your site works!
* jQuery 100% unobtrusive wich degrades gracefully if javascript is turned off
* Code built with SEO best practice in mind
* PSDs included

5 different Slideshows
AviaCordion Slider: A self built jQuery Accordionslider that works with any number of images starting from 2. The slider does support Images as well as videos, opened in either a lightbox or directly embedded.

Piecemaker2: A sleek and modern 3D Slider that can be configured directly from your WordPress backend. Any number of images and transitions possible. See an example here (Devices that dont support flash, like iPhone and iPad will display a default fallback slider )

Aviaslider: A self built block Slider and one of the first of its kind. Supports Videos as well as Images and a ton of different transitions. take a look here

Fade Slider: A basic fade slider for sublte transitions, in case you dont want to draw to much attention to the sliding effect. Supports Videos and Images as well.

Caption Slider: A slider that emphasizes the Image caption and allows to add Buttons that not only link to any other page but also do work as slidecontrolls, so your user gets a 1-2-3 Step experience. The Slider is perfect if you want to create any landing pages. See my example here

Skins, Colors, Fonts
The theme comes with a built in font selector in case you want to change the tone of your website by changing the font. You can also use choose between16 predefined default skin and with the help of color selectors for links, background image and color create a unique layout in a matter of seconds.

Default Layouts
The Theme comes with a lot of pre built layouts for almost everything you can imagine: 3 different default Blog layouts (small, medium and big preview image) which can either be displayed with left or right sidebars, or even dual sidebar layouts. This default option can be overwritten for each post individually so you always can select the layout fitting best to your entry. Same goes for pages: sidebar left, right and medium options as well as no sidebar at all. The single blog page come with related posts to encourage you visitors to stay longer and help serarch engines crawl your site. Other than that you also get an archive template, 404, search page, contact form etc etc

Thats not enough? Then use
Dynamic Templates

Build templates in a matter of seconds with a drag and drop interface that allows for almost any combination of posts and page content possible. Want to build a 2 column page without slidehsow? easy. A landing Page with a 1-2-3 Step slider? Done in seconds. Check out this short demo video to see how its done: Template Builder Demo

Sidebars & Widgets
As mentioned above you can set a default sidebar alignement for posts and pages, and also overwrite this alignement for each single post and page. you can choose to display a left, a right or both a left & right sidebar. You can add custom widget areas for specific pages that will only appear on those pages then.

The theme also comes with built in extra widgets:
* Combo Widget (display popular entries, latest entries and tags in a tabbed widget area)
* Recent News (recent news widget with post thumbnails)
* Advertising (125×125 advertising areaswith linking option)
* Twitter (display latest tweets. also able to exclude @replies)
* Twitter + RSS follower count (show your twitter follower count as well as your feedburner rss count)

Unobtrusive Javascript and Browser support
The theme works with unobtrusive javascript which degrades gracefully if the user browser doesnt support it. This means the layout will still be functional (dropdown menus for example) and the content accessible.

The theme supports all major new browsers (firefox3,4,5,6+, IE7 ,IE8, IE9 +, Safari, Opera Chrome) For older browsers (namely the forsaken IE7 ) not all options are available and will displayed pixel perfect but as always the content will be fully accessible to your users so you dont lose any visitors due to their inability to read your content

Refer to the Shortcodes page for examples. You dont have to memorize those shortcodes and enter them by hand: a visual shortcode editor will guide you through that process. See a short demo Video here

WooCommerce Shop Plugin
Transform your WordPress website into a thorough-bred online store with the woocommerce shop plugin. Delivering enterprise-level quality & features whilst backed by a name you can trust. The plugin makes it possible to build pretty much any kind of shop you want. Various products types (normal, variable, downloadable etc), different payment gateways, a flexible category and attribute system, sales reports and a super easy to use one page checkout are just a few of the features of this awesome free plugin.

Video Tutorials
See here, a small collection on video tutorials that show you how some key aspects of the theme work

Support and Documentation
The theme comes with an extensive help file with videos to help you understand how it works. If you encounter any problems or have questions once you purchased the theme feel free to drop us a notice at
We have 4500 registered members that often help out faster than we can. Nevertheless you will always recieve a response from me or my support team. More than 25000 Posts show that we do care that your site works fine
A short notice: The reasons I have chosen to use my own forum are quite simple:
1. Themeforest support threads are not searchable. Since most questions are asked over and over again a searchable forum will greatly enhance your experience since the answer to your question might already be there.
2. Second Reason: people can’t respond to each other at themeforest to help each other out, which often happens on the support forums.

External scripts and resources used:
* lightbox plugin
* Portions of Iconsweets2 Icon set
* Portions of Iconset Discovery
* Portions of Web Injection Icon Set
* flickr creative commons products shots by following users: janne, jeff golden, julie froo, kakissel, linux-works, Monsieur Gordon, martiniko, luca 76, Gnilenkov Aleksey, Vicchi, Ashok666
* flickr creative commons library pictures by: codyR, kretyen, mescon, obskura, freya23, amir K, Tambako the Jaguar, jaeWalk
* Images by creattica & psdtuts+: All images are copyrighted to their respective owners and not available for download with this theme.

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