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Theme Features

NePurpose Details:

NePurpose is a clean, simple, and elegant WordPress theme with amazing features and a powerful management panel. It’s USP lies in its simplicity and how beautifully the design is executed. Since it’s based on a clean responsive framework, it renders flawlessly on all devices. Be it desktop, iphone, ipad, or an ipod.

It has so much to offer that by no means you will be left unsatisfied. On top of this, every week a theme update will be released (yes, a new update every week) so as to ensure that it is bug free and loaded with more and more awesome features.


All the features of the theme are listed below:

  • Clean responsive design. It’s based on the awesome Skeleton boilerplate and utilizes the 16 columns grid.
  • HTML5 + CSS3 valid markup. Perfect on all browsers and devices.
  • Unlimited sidebars
    • Generate as many sidebars as you require.
    • Assign theme specific or in-built widgets to the sidebars.
    • Use page templates to have sidebars on left or right.
    • Each page or post can have a different sidebar.
  • Gallery templates
    • Circle Gallery – Display your photos in style with rounded clickable thumbnails which go from grayscale to color on mouse hover.
    • Grid Gallery – Showcase your photos in an exciting way with various cool transitions between the gallery photos.
    • PrettyPhoto Gallery – This gallery makes use of the famous PrettyPhoto lightbox plugin to display photos.
    • Windy Gallery – An awesome gallery template with modern 3D effects. Display photos with amazing 3D effects.
  • Portfolio
    • Create unlimited portfolio items for your website.
    • 1-4 columns layout for displaying portfolio items.
    • You can create photo, video, or audio portfolio.
    • You can embed videos from any video service or can upload them on your own server.
    • Portfolio items are filterable using the isotope plugin.
    • Thumbnails for portfolio are generated automatically.
  • Widgets
    • Ads Widget
    • Clients Widget
    • Flickr Widget
    • Mailchimp Widget
    • Portfolio Widget
    • Posts Widget
    • Social Stream Widget
    • Testimonial Widget
    • Twitter Widget
    • Video Widget
  • Page templates
    • 1 Column Portfolio – Template to display portfolio items in single column with photo on the left and description on the right.
    • 2 Column Portfolio – Displays two portfolio items in a single row.
    • 3 Column Portfolio – Displays three portfolio items in a single row.
    • Archives – Displays blog archive data: Latest Posts, Categories, Posts by Month and Tags.
    • Categories Archive – Displays all blog categories with posts and each post assigned to that category in a list.
    • Circle Gallery – Template to display photos in a gallery – Circle style.
    • Contact – jQuery powered contact form bundled with the theme. Makes it easy for visitors to contact you.
    • Default – The default page template. It will be set up in two columns with ‘Main content’ section on the left and ‘Sidebar’ on the right.
    • Left Sidebar Page – The page template with sidebar on left. It will be set up in two columns with ‘Main content’ section on the right and ‘Sidebar’ on the left.
    • Full Width Page – Full width page template. This is without the sidebar.
    • Grid Gallery – This template displays photos in a gallery with amazing transitions.
    • Homepage – Front page template for the theme. It has slider, tagline, content boxes, promo box, portfolio items, and an option to display single widget.
    • Map on Top Contact – Displays the contact page with an option to display map on top of the contact form irrespective of showing it in the sidebar.
    • Portfolio – Template for displaying four portfolio items in a single row with short description.
    • PrettyPhoto Gallery – Show photos using the PrettyPhoto lightbox plugin using this template.
    • Tags Archive – Displays all blog tags with posts and each post assigned to that tag in a list.
    • Windy Gallery – Displays photos with 3D transition effects. Works with modern browsers only.
  • Theme options
    NePurpose comes bundled with over 100+ theme optionsfor you to customise almost every aspect of the website. The theme allows customization of the following segements.

    • General
    • Typography
    • Backgrounds & Colors
    • Homepage
    • Blog
    • Gallery
    • Sliders
    • Portfolio
    • Footer
    • Contact
    • Maps
    • Social
    • Misc
  • Shortcodes
    Loads of shortcodes for all your needs. Use them they way you want.

    • Columns – 1 to 6 columns.
    • Buttons – In different colors and sizes.
    • Alerts – Display alert messages. For ex – Warning, Success, Info, or Error.
    • Tabs
    • Accordion
    • Dropcaps
    • Highlight
    • Portfolio slider – Show your portfolio in a slider using this shortcode.
    • Testimonials – Show your testimonials anywhere on the website with the fade effect.
    • Content boxes
    • Callout box – Display important announcements that require user attention with this shortcode.
    • Youtube – Embed Youtube videos.
    • Vimeo – Embed Vimeo videos.
    • PDF – Show PDF documents in a viewer on your website.
    • Google Maps – For displaying location via Google maps.
    • Slider – Shortcode for using FlexSlider jquery plugin anywhere on the website to display photos / videos in a slider.
    • Profile – For individual or team profiles.
  • Contact
    • Ajaxified contact form with client side and server side validation.
    • Display office address on Google maps.
    • 2 different templates for contact page.
    • SPAM protection via reCaptcha service.
  • Colors & Backgrounds
    • Change color settings for the theme via Color picker from the Theme settings panel.
    • Assign colors as per your choice or use the theme’s default colors.
    • Assign custom background to different sections of the theme.
    • Upload background via the integrated media uploader.
  • Typography
    • Select fonts as per your choice for the website.
    • Select different fonts for Headings, Body, and Menu.
    • Over 500+ fonts from the Google fonts library for you to use.
    • Select font size for Headings, Body, and Menu.
    • Control size of tags H1 to H6.
  • Breadcrumbs
    • Display breadcrumbs for easier navigation.
    • Turn them on / off via the Theme settings panel.
  • Font awesome icons – Fully integrated with the amazing Font awesome icons library. Contains all the icons which are easily accessible and can be used anywhere on the website. See more
  • Feedback form
    • Display feedback form on your website to collect response from users. It helps you to know your user’s opinion about your website, product, and /or services.
    • Feedback can be enabled or disabled from the Theme settings panel.
    • Shows a nice little feedback button at the bottom of the page.
    • Form is shown in lightbox.
    • Data is submitted via AJAX. No page reloads.
  • Infobar – Helps to display important messages / announcements on the website. It is sure to get maximum user attention. Configure it from the Theme settings panel. It can be turned on / off as per need.
  • Scrollbar styling
    • Style the user’s scrollbar for your website.
    • Can be enabled / disabled.
    • Select scrollbar color as per choice from the Theme settings panel.

    ** Please note that this feature works for modern webkit browsers only.

  • Responsive header – A header which is always accessible to the user without scrolling to top every time. Check out theme demo to see how the header changes when scrolling down.
  • Related posts
    • Show posts related to the post being currently viewed.
    • Can be turned on / off via the Theme settings panel.
    • Shows related posts in a slider making it easier to show more posts.
  • Image effects – NePurpose beautifully uses AdiPoli plugin to show some really cool hover effects on images. Can be enabled / disabled. Galleries make use of this awesome feature.
  • Slides management panel
    • Create slides from the Theme settings panel for the Homepage slider
    • Upload photo / video slides.
    • Add slides via the AJAX photo and data uploader.
    • Powerful slides management panel to re-order slides using Drag-n-Drop.
  • Social counter
    • Show your social fan following on the top bar.
    • Display counter for services such as Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Github, etc.
    • Enable / Disable it as per requirement.
  • Sharing with style – NePurpose provides a creative way for sharing your content. Give your users the option to share your posts to Twitter, Facebook, and Google Plus. Automatically counts the total shares and displays it next to each post.
  • SupportAs far as customer support is concerned, keeping customers happy is the top most priority. There are few things you can be assured of. They are:
    • You being the customer are the top most priority.
    • Your queries will always be answered within 24 hours although the aim will be to give instant replies.
    • No query will be left unanswered.
    • Phone support is also available for critical issues.
  • Regular updates – It’s a promise that a theme update will be released every weekend. It will include regular fixes, tweaks, additions of new features, and overall improvement of the design and code.

REQUEST – Please use the support forum over here for all your queries. That will ensure organised communication and quickest possible response time. You can also tweet @akshitsethi for super fast response.

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